Why did Tokugawa Ieyasu work hard to have children until the age of 65? A man who had everything was worried until the end of his life. His youngest child, Ichihime, was born when Ieyasu was 65 years old | PRESIDENT Online online)

2023-12-17 03:00:00 Why did the Tokugawa Shogunate last for 260 years? Historical critic Toshi Kohara says, “This is because Ieyasu’s rules were perfect. One of them was that by deciding that the firstborn would be the heir, he prevented unnecessary disputes over the succession within the Tokugawa family.” . Photo = Jiji Press Photo Statue … Read more

The “most basic numbers” learned in middle school mathematics are full of mysteries…The unsolved problem of “prime numbers” that continues to trouble genius mathematicians. If we solve this riddle, we will get closer to the “truth of the universe” | PRESIDENT Online

2023-12-13 01:00:00 There are many unsolved mysteries surrounding “prime numbers,” which are studied in junior high school mathematics. We would like to introduce some excerpts from a book that reconstructs the content of NHK’s intellectual entertainment program “Laughless Mathematics,” in which Panther Takahiro Ogata seriously explains the difficult world of mathematics. *This article was edited … Read more

Why are there so many beautiful houses that are ready to move in in Japan? The root cause of the unresolved vacant house problem: The big problem of “families not being able to make up their minds” | PRESIDENT Online

2023-11-23 04:00:00 Why is the “vacant house problem” occurring in Japan? Takamitsu Wada, a vacant house consultant, says, “Do you want to sell it, rent it out, or let a relative use it?In the end, families can’t make up their minds, so an increasing number of vacant houses are left abandoned.” –. *This article was … Read more

Shizuko Kasagi’s biological mother didn’t accept that she was her mother…The fierce upbringing of the Showa star who found out she was an adopted child at the age of 17 Born to the son of a prominent family in Kagawa and a maid, she was put up for foster care | PRESIDENT Online online)

2023-11-14 23:00:00 PRESIDENT Online 2023/11/15 8:00 Shizuko Kasagi was active as the “Queen of Boogie” during the Showa era when the music world was in full swing, but she was not blessed with the love of her immediate family in her private life. Writer Makoto Aoyama says, “Shizuko’s parents ran a public bath in Osaka, … Read more

Devoted Husband’s Journey: Caring for a Loved One with Early-Onset Dementia

2023-11-11 02:01:00 After just one and a half years, the patient went from Level 1 to Level 4. The level of care given to his wife, who developed early-onset dementia in her early 40s, rapidly increased. Amid an increase in behavior such as wandering around, going out shirtless, and defecating in the kitchen, her husband, … Read more

Unveiling Johnny Kitagawa’s Dark Secrets: The 24-Year Struggle Exposed

2023-11-06 04:00:00 Weekly Bunshun first reported on Johnny Kitagawa’s sexual assault of young boys in 1999. A quarter century has passed since then. It took 24 years for the issue to become a major social issue, with the BBC covering it and Japanese media outlets finally reporting on it. A former reporter from Weekly Bunshun, … Read more

The Importance of Academic Background for Politicians: A Comparative Analysis of Global Leaders

2023-09-16 00:00:00 What kind of academic background is required for politicians? Commentator Kazuo Yawata says, “Many leaders of developed countries have brilliant academic backgrounds, but the Japanese prime minister in recent years has not. If the human resources we possess are not leaders, we will fall behind the world’s leading edge in every field.” Photo … Read more

Why did Big Motor quickly become the No. 1 in the industry … Abnormal relationship with insurance companies that surprised peers The real meaning of inviting seconded employees from non-life insurance companies | PRESIDENT Online (President Online)

2023-09-06 21:00:00 Big Motor, a major used car sales company, has an estimated sales of 580 billion yen in fiscal 2022, the highest in the domestic used car sales industry. How was such rapid growth possible? “The engine of growth makes the company unprofitable(Head office: Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture), Chairman Takashi Isozaki and President Takunori … Read more