Shizuko Kasagi’s biological mother didn’t accept that she was her mother…The fierce upbringing of the Showa star who found out she was an adopted child at the age of 17 Born to the son of a prominent family in Kagawa and a maid, she was put up for foster care | PRESIDENT Online online)

2023-11-14 23:00:00 PRESIDENT Online 2023/11/15 8:00 Shizuko Kasagi was active as the “Queen of Boogie” during the Showa era when the music world was in full swing, but she was not blessed with the love of her immediate family in her private life. Writer Makoto Aoyama says, “Shizuko’s parents ran a public bath in Osaka, … Read more

The pros and cons of child-rearing households are clear: The Kishida administration’s “disguised tax cuts” have led to a different level of wealth disparity | Nikkan Gendai DIGITAL

2023-10-26 21:00:00 “Papaka, poppaka, spread the roses. I want to tell people not to play such easy politics.” Toru Hashimoto, a former governor of Osaka Prefecture and a lawyer, said this on Kansai TV’s “Shunkan LIVE Torete!” on the 24th. The target of criticism is the flat income tax cut of 40,000 yen per person, … Read more

Kimutaku’s popularity is at a critical stage… Posting “show must go on!” after Johnny’s press conference results in criticism of the ratings | Nikkan Gendai DIGITAL

2023-09-11 21:00:00 “The sound of the bell of the Gion temple echoes the impermanence of all things” “It reveals the principle of the inevitable decline of those who rise”… The opening words of “The Tale of the Heike” may be floating in your head. Takuya Kimura (50), an actor affiliated with Johnny’s Entertainment, held a … Read more

Experience Ultimate Relaxation at RAKU SPA Tsurumi: A Paradise for Heat Wave Therapy

2023-09-09 21:00:00 RAKU SPA Tsurumi RAKU SPA Tsurumi, recommended by professional heat wave therapists, opened in 2014 along the Tsurumi River. When you enter the building, there is a nice smell. “We have installed various aroma diffusers in each area,” says store manager Yuichi Onoda. This is fun, I’m looking forward to it. Receive a … Read more

The parade welcomes the “hero” – the famous “heroine” from the “Udon Thani people”, jokingly rubbing the shoulders of the entertainers.

Recently, Channel 3 has led the procession. “Hero” – “Heroine” An army of actors from 4 dramas to give fun to the fans “Udon Thani people” to the whole story “Mekong River Fairy” , “Ai Khoi Hug You” , “Pong Lang Hak On Son” and “18 Crown Stumbles Love” on tour Provides fun to the … Read more

I know. Rumors of “famous actress” – “singer” quit. What is the cause?

called over a period of more than 1 week. Many people are still keeping an eye on the rumors. “Famous heroine” with “singer” that shows love, cracks, breaks up continuously after the page is loud and unfolds Hints out puzzles to make them wonder until many people focus on the couple. “Famous heroine” with “singer” … Read more

Look at the comment “Om Skawjai” after asking the state How does economic policy help the people?

Movement to ask questions on behalf of the people continuously for “Aom Skawjai” famous actress mother who came out Call Out on the issue ofgovernmentoften and most recently in the morningApril 27, 2022 She wrote a question to the state. as always which speaks on economic policy issues Due to the marketing mechanism causing various … Read more