Chilling Details Emerge: Jacksonville Bloody Crime and Legal Gun Purchase – High Rank in Google Searches

2023-08-28 05:02:00 More chilling details of the Jacksonville bloody crime are coming to light. The alleged perpetrator had previously acquired his weapons legally. After the fatal gun attack by a white man on three black people in the US state of Florida, there are new details about the crime and the suspected shooter. Ryan P., … Read more

Shot at US school: Six-year-old fires at teacher – seriously injured! | News

What drove the child to this act of madness? In the US state of Virginia, a six-year-old child shot his teacher and seriously injured him. The two had argued in a classroom on Friday afternoon (local time) when the elementary school child pulled out the gun and pulled the trigger. The incident happened at Richneck … Read more

Three dead in Brazil school shooting News

The killer was masked with a skull and crossbones and held a large caliber weapon in his hand. Images from surveillance cameras show a man who caused a bloodbath in Brazil on Friday morning (local time). According to media reports, the alleged perpetrator shot two teachers and a student and was caught after he fled. … Read more

Neustadt am Rübenberge: knife attack in front of pizzeria – man dead! | Regional

Bloody deed in Lower Saxony | Knife attack in front of pizzeria – man (32) dead! Police vehicles are across the road, a large pool of blood has colored the asphalt red. Terrible pictures from downtown Neustadt am Rübenberge in the region of Hanover (Lower Saxony). A man was stabbed to death on the street … Read more