Italy: Verona rations drinking water because of drought – news abroad

Open the water tap and fill with whatever you want – that’s no longer possible in Verona and Pisa. The cities in northern Italy, which are popular with tourists, are rationing drinking water consumption because of the persistent drought. Due to the weather conditions and their consequences for the water supply, the mayor of Verona … Read more

Florida: Mother convicted of murder – her baby died of a vegan diet – News International

Florida – When Sheila O’Leary’s (39) son Ezra (18 months) stopped breathing on September 27, 2018, he weighed less than eight kilos. The toddler was emaciated to the bone. Now the vegan mother has been convicted of murder by malnutrition by a court in Cape Coral (Florida, USA). The prosecutor in his closing statement: “She … Read more

Drama in Florida (USA): Boy (8) shoots girl (1) with father’s gun – News Abroad

This is where you will find content from social networks In order to interact with or display content from social networks, we need your consent. activate social networks Child shoots child… This news is probably only found in the USA with such frequency. Now such a drama happened in Florida. An eight-year-old boy shot a … Read more

She was only 1.50 meters deep in the water – shark bites off teenager in Florida leg – news abroad

She probably only survived thanks to a brave relative… A Florida teenager, 17, was hospitalized in critical condition on Friday after a shark ripped off part of her leg. The young woman was in about 5 feet of water on popular Keaton Beach, Taylor County, Fla., around 3 p.m. Thursday when the shark suddenly attacked. … Read more

Refugee crisis: number of refugees doubled in 10 years! – News abroad

More than 100 million people are fleeing the world, more than at any time since World War II. In Geneva, the UN refugee agency UNHCR spoke of a “dramatic milestone” that had been reached as a result of the Russian war against Ukraine and crises in Afghanistan and other countries. The UN High Commissioner for … Read more