A good botch from before | Television

It is possible that Alba Renai, Mediaset’s new virtual presenter, is more charismatic and has a more interesting life than many presenters with skin and guts. Renai is likely even more human than many humans. I, of course, have met more robotic and heartless people. More information Siri or Alexa already had a much greater … Read more

tvOS 17.2: the Siri button changes action

2023-12-04 20:46:33 With the 4th beta of tvOS 17.2, Apple has amended the behavior of the Siri button on the remote. A single press opens a search box superimposed on the interface. You state your key words, which are displayed and then open a new results page. You can target your search there by selecting … Read more

How to replace Siri with ChatGPT on your iPhone 15 Pro

2023-11-29 10:46:50 With the voice chat function with ChatGPT and the Action button of the iPhone 15 Pro, it is possible to replace Siri with ChatGPT. Enough to have a more talkative voice assistant, since it is more understanding and more efficient. Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid A few months ago, ChatGPT released ChatGPT Voice: … Read more

Sam Altman’s return to Open AI raises concerns, and discussions on ‘artificial intelligence ethics’ take a backseat.

2023-11-24 05:21:37 ▲ As CEO Sam Altman returns to Open AI and a new board of directors is formed, it is pointed out that discussions regarding artificial intelligence ethics issues may be pushed to the background. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI. [비즈니스포스트] There are concerns raised about the fact that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman returned … Read more

Analysis of “Sam Altman’s recruitment as a safety measure for Microsoft”, investment in Open AI becomes uncertain

2023-11-21 07:53:56 ▲ Analysis suggests that Microsoft’s hiring of former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was aimed at avoiding large-scale investment risks. The photo shows OpenAI CEO Sam Altman attending a conference held at Tel Aviv University in Israel on June 5. [비즈니스포스트] There is growing speculation that Microsoft’s hiring of OpenAI founder Sam Altman may … Read more

If Siri mispronounces your name, you can always call Tim Cook

2023-11-06 20:55:20 But if your name isn’t Barbra Streisand, you’ll probably be less likely to be heard. When she noticed that Siri was pronouncing her last name incorrectly, with a z like “Streizand” instead of “Streissand” as it should, the American artist opened the Contacts app and called Apple. Finally, Tim Cook directly, why bother … Read more

Apple is shelling out millions of dollars daily to advance its AI technologies

2023-09-06 22:30:00 Apple’s new projects in the field of artificial intelligence are gradually being revealed. According to The Informationthe company has significantly increased its spending on computing power, to the point of shelling out several million dollars every day — it is the server provider Foxconn who must be happy. Truth be told, given Apple’s … Read more

Enhanced Listening Experience: Discover the Features of AirPods (3rd Generation) – Longer Battery Life, Water Resistance, and More!

2023-09-01 06:38:37 AirPods (3rd generation) feature a rounded shape and a shorter stem for an enhanced listening experience, longer battery life, and sweat and water resistance. 1. Single-size Apple H1 chip with “personalized spatial audio” with dynamic head tracking2Adaptive equalization can provide up to 6 hours of listening time or 4 hours of talk time … Read more