The Revolutionary OnePlus Open: Unveiling the Official Folding Screen Smartphone

2023-10-28 03:56:15 Finally, the OnePlus brand has its own official folding screen smartphone, called OnePlus Open, which is a notebook-style foldable screen smartphone. Use a smooth edge design. With the lightest weight of only 239 grams, the strong folding shaft uses the same grade materials as the aerospace industry, 4 times more durable than materials … Read more

OPPO Find N3: The Ultimate Foldable Screen Smartphone with Hasselblad Cameras

2023-10-22 02:00:00 OPPO has launched the OPPO Find N3, a new foldable screen smartphone in the global version, which was launched in Singapore first. OPPO Find N3 is a smartphone with a vertical folding screen. Or fold and open like a notebook. Focus on providing a large screen The device is as thin as 5.8 … Read more

The launch of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 would be brought forward to 2023

2023-06-03 23:19:00 Qualcomm has now invited potential participants to the Snapdragon Summit Tosave the date of the start of the event in Maui, Hawaii, as usual, but not at the time of year you might expect. The equipment maker said the event will be held October 24-26, 2023 at equipment manufacturer said the event … Read more

“Xperia 1 V: Latest Leaks and Speculations on Sony’s Newest Smartphone Release”

2023-05-02 04:06:49 In the past, many products that tried to keep secret fell short because of the accidental exposure of advertisements. The Xperia 1 V, which is expected to be released on May 11, also exposed its exterior design due to the first listing on the street billboards in Hong Kong. At the same time, … Read more

Sony’s new flagship Xperia 1 V is the thickest ever?The latest renderings are exposed 3 major new changes of the fuselage

The picture shows Sony’s top-notch flagship Xperia 1 IV launched last year, with a 6.5-inch 4K HDR screen and a body in black, purple, and white. The 256GB storage capacity version is priced at 36,990 yuan (purple, white, and black); the 512GB capacity version is 39,990 yuan (purple, black two colors). (Photo/photographed by reporter Huang … Read more

ASUS ROG Phone 7 appeared on the benchmark website!Core Specification Exposure – Free Electronic News 3C Technology

ASUS ROG Phone 7 series rumored to be launched early. (Picture / ASUS) The mobile phone website “Mobile King” previously reported that ASUS’s new generation of ROG Phone 7 series gaming phones this year may be launched in the first half of the year ahead of schedule, instead of waiting until the second half of … Read more