Germán Tovar, renowned actor of ‘I am Betty, the ugly one’, died – Cinema and Tv – Culture

A loss for television represents the death of Germán Tovar, recognized for being in the novel ‘I am Betty, the ugly one’. Several Colombians remember him for his picturesque role as a lawyer along with César Mora, both in the fictional story had been hired by ‘Betty’ and ‘Nicolás’ in order to represent the interests … Read more

Virginia Woolf: Stories. Leap into modernity

Virginia Woolf is the woman writer who, from the freedom of her own room, conquered that of her own literary style that still amazes with its intellectual depth and the emotion it conveys. Recognized as one of the major figures in modern literatureWoolf is highly regarded for both her innovative fictional techniques and insightful contributions … Read more

Antonella Ríos delights again with her sensuality and beauty on Instagram – Publimetro Chile

Antonella Ríos did it again: she left her followers in love with Instagram with a new post where does your overflowing sensuality and beauty. The actress seduced with a captivating low light photography in a sensual pose in front of a bathroom mirror. The protagonist of the film “Los debutantes” showed off her statuesque figure … Read more

20 years after “Protagonists of Fame”, Cata Bono shows how she looks on social networks – Publimetro Chile

It was the year 2003 and the first reality show on open Chilean television: “Protagonistas de la Fama”whose winners were Álvaro Ballero and Cata Bono. What has happened to this reality girl 20 years later? Today thanks to current technologies, we can see what it looks like nowthrough your account Instagram. After the unprecedented experience, … Read more

Scene from “La Ley de Baltazar” makes viewers speculate about the future of the protagonist

This Thursday’s episode of “Baltazar’s Law” left the followers of the soap opera concerned about a scene that makes them conjecture about the future of the main character in the storyas can be seen in the preview at YouTube. The narrative knot was generated with the conflict that the protagonist (Francisco Reyes) had with Margarita … Read more

This is what the young man who played ‘Totoy’ in ‘Los Reyes’ (RCN) looks like now 17 years later

A lot has happened since the emblematic premiered novel ‘The Kings‘, of RCN Channel. 17 years ago the comedy that made Colombian nights more fun was launched. The Reyes family, which is recognized by Hilda, by ‘Laisa’ or by Leonardo Giovanny, it also had a member who is still remembered by many Colombians: ‘Totoy’. (See … Read more