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In video | Successful ship rescue operation in Bocas de Ceniza

In development of a marathon maneuver that took more than 18 hours the Nordic Wolverine tanker that had been stranded since last July 19 in … Read more

Mayor and Governor lead call for greater EPS commitment

An energetic demand to the Health Promoting Companies (EPS) to assume a greater commitment in the midst of the health crisis due to the spread … Read more

In Seine-Saint-Denis, the PS in force and the Communists in decline

The municipal elections have redistributed the cards in Seine-Saint-Denis. In this historic stronghold of the Communist Party, many cities changed their political color in the … Read more

More than £ 100 million so that homeless people do not have to return to the streets after the pandemic | Global World Blog

“Everyone in” is the name of a British government campaign to enable its homeless citizens, like the rest of the population, to remain confined during … Read more

District orders the closure of meat markets and El Playón

From this Monday to July 13 at 12 midnight the public markets of Barranquillita (meat), calle 9 N ° 43-60, and El Playón, at calle … Read more

The Atlantic exceeds a thousand deaths from COVID-19

For about ten days, Pablo Suárez was fighting for his life against an invisible enemy on a lonely intensive care stretcher in a clinical center … Read more

Andrea Legarreta’s cousin participated in vandalism? This she says

MEXICO CITY After yesterday night it was revealed that a young woman identified as Elizabeth Legarreta participated in the march where there was looting, destruction … Read more