after a week of tolerance, “3.5 million” French people will lose their vaccination pass

The time allowed for latecomers ends. “We are not letting our guard down, we are continuing the fight,” promised the Ministry of Health during a press briefing on Tuesday. The latecomers had obtained a “grace periodfor a week. But, during a press briefing on Tuesday, the Ministry of Solidarity and Health indicated that “3.5 million … Read more

Pharmacists, nurses and midwives can vaccinate adults, recommends the Health Authority

This decision, taken in view of the efforts of these professions during the pandemic, concerns seven “non-living” vaccines. Pharmacists, nurses and midwives should beauthorized to prescribe and administer» all vaccines planned from the age of 16, recommends the High Authority for Health (HAS) in an opinion made public on Friday January 28. Read alsoHirsch proposes … Read more

5.5 million appointments made for the booster dose since government announcements

Since Olivier Véran’s speech on November 25, the French are around 615,000 to make an appointment every day. Since the speech by Minister of Health Olivier Véran on November 25, nearly 5.5 million appointments have been made on Doctolib for the booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Changes in the number of appointments made with … Read more

is the American laboratory’s anti-Covid vaccine at the heart of a health scandal?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – A subcontractor in charge of part of the clinical trials of Pfizer’s vaccine is accused of bad practice. Can this call into question the efficacy or safety of the vaccine? THE QUESTION. It has become in a few hours one of the main topics of discussion on social networks, especially among … Read more

How Doctolib became the essential pivot of the vaccination campaign

STORY – For eight months, Doctolib has been deploying major resources to support the vaccination campaign. While the threshold of 75% of the French population having received a dose of vaccine has just been crossed, back on the conquest of a virtual monopoly for the platform on appointments. On July 12, Emmanuel Macron announced the … Read more

will your department be able to claim a lifting of the restrictions?

FIG DATA – A Defense Council is being held this Wednesday to consider adapting the health rules to the local situation. Analysis, indicator by indicator, of the departments that could be affected by a lifting of the pass. Lightened, but not abandoned. This is what should be remembered from the numerous statements made by the … Read more