Viral Video | Baby dances to the rhythm of the song Shaky Shaky by Daddy Yankee and conquers TikTok | RRSS | Mexico | USA | nnda nnrt | VIRAL

There is no doubt that through the veins of this baby his passion is dancing and even more so when he listens to his favorite singer of the reggaeton genre, Daddy Yankee. This can be verified in the viral video that circulates in TikTok, where the little one moved the skeleton to the rhythm of … Read more

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Viral | The case of the woman who was saved from the attack of a bear in her house, but who caused controversy due to the sacrifice of the animal | United States | USA | USA | Videos | Stories | nnda | nnni | CHEK

What would you do in his place? We tell you everything. Aydee is a woman of Colombian nationality who was surprised by a black bear in the backyard of her house that attacked and injured her. It all happened on the night of Thursday, January 13, when he was walking with his dog in a … Read more