The last thing Salvador Zerboni took from The House of Celebrities 2 | TELEMUNDO | SHOWS

“the house of celebrities 2″ concluded last week and the finalists of the reality show organized by Telemundo have already returned to their homes in real life to resume their daily lives. Some as Salvador Zerboni -who came in second place behind the winner Ivonne Montero-, have chosen to show their public on social networks … Read more

The truth comes to light: Nacho Casano finally admits that he did propose a threesome to Ivonne Montero at LCDLF2

It cannot be denied that Nacho Casano is a clever man with words. But it is also a fact that for days if not months, the Argentine has denied having proposed a threesome to Ivonne Montero. Beyond the context, beyond the sense in which he is said to have pronounced these words, the fact existed … Read more

LCDLF2: Yolanda Andrade puts Daniella Navarro in her place for attacks on Ivonne Montero | Video

The Sunday gala of The house of the famous 2 was hot, with the face-to-face clash of one of the critics, the Mexican Yolanda Andrade and the last one expelled from the house, the Venezuelan Daniella Navarro, both are of short fuse and this Sunday they were about to hit each other, which did not … Read more

The house of the famous 2: the privileges that some contestants had according to Niurka Marcos | Telemundo program nnda nnlt | FAME

A couple of weeks ago, Niurka Marcos was chosen by the public as the contestant of “the house of celebrities 2″ that he had to leave. Since then, the mother of Emilio Osorio has lashed out at the handling of the Telemundo show and the behavior of some of the celebrities inside. Within the reality … Read more

Ivonne Montero and Niurka kiss passionately in The House of Celebrities 2 | VIDEO

Tempers flared in the house of celebrities 2in between Yvonne Montero y Niurka Marcos, with a kiss that left more than one shocked during the last hours in the Telemundo reality show. The Cuban brought out her skills as a teacher and gave a kissing chair to the Mexican dancer and actresswho was embarrassed by … Read more

Ivonne Montero: the health problems with which her daughter Antonella was born | The house of the famous 2 | United States Celebs | nnda-nnlt | SHOWS

The second season of “the house of the famous” keeps his entire audience attentive. And it is that the revelations that the participants have been making, in the first week of the reality showThey have moved even the coldest heart. Now it was the turn of Yvonne Montero, the Mexican actress who revealed the delicate … Read more