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2023-05-29 15:05:47

stock dimension- TCMC good stocks, strong fundamentals, trading P/EP/BV as low as 0.64 times, low book value at 3.01 baht, reflecting Q2/23 performance.Strong growth in response to economic recovery Plus, penetrate new markets, make money for the whole year 66, shaking the income of ten thousand million baht.

TCMC by “Ms. Piyaporn Phanachet” Chief Executive Officer revealed that the business picture in 2023 will continue to grow.

The company plans to expand into new markets abroad. and adding products to meet the needs of new customer groups along with performance improvements Reducing costs, adjusting business strategies for sustainability meet the lifestyle of the future The market began to recover after the COVID situation eased.

Overflowing orders

In Q2/2023 performance will grow well. from the increasing volume of orders “Furniture Business – Decorative Materials Business Group – Carpet and Car Seat Fabric Business” because of the virtue of the economic recovery. , Tourism and hotels and automobile industry which is the main customer group of the business

Portfolio New Hi-Low Price Book

“Securities Analysts” revealed that recommending “Collectible”, the share price is trading at P/E 16.63 times, P/BV 0.64, the price is still low, book value is 3.01 baht, with performance trends in Q2/23 expected to grow prominently in response to Covid. -19 resolved and the economy recovered, encouraging orders for all businesses to increase, including “furniture business – decorative material business group – carpet and car seat cover business”, so the whole year 2013 profits were new highs and total revenues surpassed. 1 billion baht. Recommended “Buy”

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