Tears that Yuto Nagatomo showed in front of Director Moriyasu “This makes me cry” “It’s really cool” … A touching act behind the scenes of the World Cup: J-CAST News[Full text]

Fans are in tears at the actions of Yuto Nagatomo in the behind-the-scenes video of the World Cup Qatar match against Croatia released by the Japan Football Association (JFA) on December 9, 2022.

  • Yuto Nagatomo (Photo: Naoki Morita/Afro Sports)

  • Yuto Nagatomo (Photo: Naoki Morita/Afro Sports)

“Connect to the next future. Seriously brave. I can’t kick.”

What is attracting attention is the video released on YouTube by the JFA titled “Wall to the Round of 8: Behind the scenes of the Croatia match.” It is a behind-the-scenes look at the defeat against Croatia at the end of the penalty shootout.

Nagatomo is a veteran who has competed as a member of the Japanese national team since 2010. In the locker room right after the defeat, he cared for the players who fought together.

When he gave Takumi Minamino, who was blocked by the opposing GK, a high-five even though he was the first player in the penalty shootout, he said, “Thank you, Takumi. You have courage.” In addition to gently hugging Minamino, who was sitting in a daze, he thanked and encouraged him by saying, “Connect to the next future. Seriously, you’re brave. I can’t kick. Thank you.

Nagatomo, who acted stubbornly in front of his juniors, was silent when he hugged Coach Hajime Moriyasu who visited the locker room. He was overwhelmed with emotion, and he nodded at Moriyasu, who was telling him something in a low voice, while repeatedly slapping him on the back. After hugging, the two of them shook hands.

In the comment section and SNS, there are many voices saying that Nagatomo, who endured the frustration, cared for his juniors, and shared the frustration with the manager, unintentionally cried.

“Nagatomo, who acts bravely and inspires and encourages the younger generation, hugs Poichi (director Moriyasu) and breaks down in tears when he says something to me.”
“Nagatomo, who inspired the team throughout this World Cup and encouraged the junior players in the locker room after the defeat to Croatia, became emotionally frozen after talking with Moriyasu, and the supporters burst into tears. so please take a look.”
“I was moved by seeing Nagatomo’s tears, thinking that everyone is doing their best for this moment when the emotions overflow from the behavior of a senior and the behavior of a leader.”
“Nagatomo encourages his juniors and cries quietly while hugging Director Moriyasu.
“Thank you Takumi.

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