The artistic project “Tire-toi une chaise” will see a continuation in Coaticook

2023-11-21 11:28:28

COATICOOK. After attracting curiosity with their structure at the -Petite maison des artistes this summer, the creators of the “-Tire-toi une chaise” project are preparing to give back.

Some of the elements of the structure will in fact be auctioned during a silent auction. All amounts raised during this benefit activity will be donated to the -Christmas -Baskets campaign of the -Coaticook -MRC Volunteer Action Center. “-When we dismantled the work earlier this fall, we thought that several of the chairs had withstood the elements. They are also true works of art in which the artists invested a lot of time. We then said to ourselves why not give them a second life. The idea of ​​an auction and handing over the funds to -CAB was born. This organization plays an even more important role in our community when we think about the economic context these days. So it was our way of giving back,” says Manon Marcoux, one of the artists who participated in the project, with conviction.

Thus, the ten chairs selected will be on display in the artistic premises of the -Centre de Peinture -Laroche, located on rue -Main -Ouest, in -Coaticook, starting November 25. The silent auction will take place on December 1, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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