The Austrian Wallows: Unmasking the Deception of Nutritionist Indoctrination

2023-09-27 01:18:13
The Austrian wallows in an ultra-flat pseudo-conscious film about a nutritionist professor indoctrinating her students.

It’s always embarrassing to yawn at a satire of manners that thinks it hits the nail on the head. The Austrian Jessica Hausner (Little Joe) draws a portrait full of arrogance of a bourgeois society, where eating disorders are the alibi of a new school of thought, which favors “conscious” eating. An imposture from the brain of a young guru teacher who, arriving at a private high school, enlists gullible teenagers in the cult of “eating less”. Sold as an antidote to overconsumption, packaged in new age mantras, this vow of asceticism (ultimately, the idea is to be able to live without eating anything at all) is a barely distorted reflection of the charlatanism of nutrition sold by influencers, VRP of intermittent fasting and cool anorexia.

See these untimely movements of devices, punctuated by ironic gongs! The tone is intended to be harsh. The aggressively geometric and frigid aesthetic, just to drive home the point of social hygiene – what the hell did decorating chefs do before the invention of Nordic design? So many facilities which make this black comedy as unpleasant as what it mocks, full of the rough nihilism of a spectator who would have learned what capitalism is while watching Black Mirror. It would have taken at least a dose of equivocation to rescue the film, which was in competition at Cannes, from this impression of grimacing self-satisfaction. In terms of platitudes, it is not surprising that the defects particularly burden women (superficial turkeys and toxic mothers of chihuahuas). Smacked heads, the indoctrinated victims are, for their part, stupid enough to eat hay. The obsession with making the rich eat their vomit has become the surest mark of a demagogue, supposedly racy European cinema, which does not know how to mask its political void.

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Club Zero by Jessica Hausner with Mia Wasikowska, Sidse Babett Knudsen… 1 h 50
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