a postcard with marked limits in Roca

2023-09-02 03:31:00

Las squares and lungs of the neighborhoods, became a reflection of inequality. While some show a colorful face, the other face is perceived as desolate. Is there a lack of municipal maintenance or social commitment?

When you think of a square, your imagination leads to a postcard: a green space with children playing on the colored hammocks, slides or seesawsshadows of trees and benches to rest.

However, this image clashes with the reality of several neighborhood squares in the Alto Valle towns that remain emptyIt’s because the neighbors don’t visit them. They are afraid of risking cuts with rusty games, of not having shade on hot days or encountering all kinds of waste, remains of rubble or weeds.

In Roca, for example, there are more than 80 hectares that function as green spaces, not counting places like Island 32 and Island 29. Of those green spaces, those that show an image of an ideal park are those that are located in the downtown area, but as you move further away, the panorama deteriorates significantly.

He agronomist and director of Parks and Gardens of the Municipality of Roca, Martín Barriga, He explained that the main problem in the progress of the landscaping of some sectors such as the north and west of the city, is due to the availability of groundwater that is of quality for irrigation. “Generally in these sectors the amount of water that is needed is found at greater depths,” he explained.

Green spaces are vital before the arrival of spring and good weather. Photo: Andrés Maripe

For this reason, it is that those sectors They give a desert postcard while in the downtown area, the color green is what predominates the most, especially those spaces that are near the water of the irrigation canals such as the Canalito, Canal Grande and Bicentenario, “in those sectors another composition of green is observed.”

“It is really a challenge to be able to keep a green roof in a region with low relative humidity”

Martin Barriga, Engineer Director of Parks and Gardens, Municipality of Roca

But The “abandonment” of the squares is not only due to irrigation or maintenance issues, this problem is also attributed to the lack of social commitment. Broken and rusty games, rubbish in the wrong places and scratched benches are factors that show it.

“It is striking amount of garbage that is deposited in the corners of the squares and especially in green spaces in residential neighborhoods”, commented the engineer and in turn clarified that from his area they have a truck that runs through each square in the city to collect the blue bag of waste. However, many times they find household garbage, pruning remains, hot water tanks, mattresses or deck chairs.

On the other hand, the complaints and marks of vandalism are added to the list of causes that affect the good condition of the squares or parks. Barriga explained that these are constantly repeated in squares far from the downtown area or even in the Paseo del Canalito, where thefts of light or water meters, irrigation pumps and breaking irrigation box covers are constant. The games are also the target of destruction, since there are those who cut the chains of the hammocks or ruin the slides due to their misuse. All these actions end up making maintenance difficult because it takes time to replace them. It is a reality that most neighborhood squares remain empty and devoid of life due to their poor condition.

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Neighbors want and demand green spaces from the municipal authorities so they do not have to travel kilometers to the center. What is indisputable is that a greater commitment from everyone is necessary to maintain the spaces that they do to the city, even more before the arrival of spring in a few days.

are the hectares that function as green spaces in the city of Roca.

The fear of going through dark squares

The Lack of lighting in squares and parks became a matter of concern. During the night these places become completely dark and ensure that they are the points chosen for “gatherings” between young people.

Photo: John Thomas
They are systematized hectares with sprinkler irrigation and landscaped areas distributed in the urban commons.

But their concern is not that they meet, but rather that many are the ones who begin to make disturbances, bothering the passerby. On the other hand, they are those sectors where more robberies have been committed.

From the local Executive they pointed out that continuously work is being done on lighting to generate greater security for citizens, however cable theft has intensified in recent months by people looking for copper in them to market it and this has made it difficult to properly maintain electrical installations.

That is why the residents point out that in addition to maintenance, it is necessary to intensify the hand safety lights, as prevention tools.

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