The Boos Heard Round the Arena: Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the European Championship Handball Game

2024-01-15 12:59:03

Among the 13,571 spectators at the European Championship handball game between the national teams North Macedonia and Germany, a very special sports fan cheered in the stands: Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited the sporting event on Sunday in the Arena at Ostbahnhof in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

However, his appearance at the European Handball Championship game did not cause any enthusiasm. “Olaf Scholz has arrived and he doesn’t want to miss this and you can hear the reactions of the spectators,” said the hall spokesman. Thousands of whistles and boos can be heard in the hall, apparently directed at the Chancellor. Videos circulating on social networks capture the moment Scholz was booed.

“Olaf Scholz is supposedly watching in the hall, doesn’t even show his face, but as soon as his name is mentioned the whole hall boos so loudly that the music starts immediately and the topic is changed,” commented one user on X. Another wrote: “Olaf Scholz was just booed in the arena. I don’t think he’ll ever go to handball again.” And this user commented: “The handball fans at the #MKDGER game in Berlin also showed how ‘good’ Olaf Scholz is currently being received by the people.”

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