Minister Patricia Bullrich’s Controversial Statements on Drug Trafficking from Chile and Argentina’s Border Security

2024-01-15 13:13:00

Controversial were the statements that the Minister of Security of Argentina, Patricia Bullrich, declared this past January 13 during a session in the Congress of our neighboring country, where he asserted that a large part of the drugs that arrive in the country comes from Chile.

This is how the former presidential candidate in a full session before the Argentine Congress, where, among many topics, the border situation in Argentina was addressed.

“We have to advance in coordination with Chile, because Chile has a much worse security and drug trafficking situation than it had a few years ago,” he assured.

“We know the border perfectly, in a few days we have already put all the cameras that were turned off into operation. If you want, I can show you on my phone how we can look at all the steps today, we have already worked on a pressure movement on the borders,” added the Milei minister.

“Our goal is to work, We have a nucleus that we call GOC, which is a special operations group working on everything that is the border, in illegal trade, in human trafficking”, he added.

“(Chile) has a very serious problem, so we have to coordinate with them, because today a large part of the drugs that enter Argentina enter through Chile, “so we are going to have a different policy on the borders with Chile, which are controllable borders,” Bullrich insisted.

His statements come at a time when in Argentina they are “changing the rules of the game” and penalties are being considerably toughened for those who threaten the country’s security.

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Let us remember that Bullrich proposed changes in legitimate defense and the toughening of penalties for those who participate in pickets with the so-called ‘omnibus law’.

This is a toughening of penalties, which will include prison, both for protesters and picket organizers (barricades or street cuts).

This, in addition to requiring that protests be notified 48 hours in advance to the Ministry of Security, which may oppose the holding of the demonstration.

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