Regulating Artificial Intelligence: The Debate in 2024

2024-01-15 13:54:00

The year 2024 has barely begun when debates are resuming around the regulations surrounding Artificial Intelligence. On January 10, the Ministry of Culture, still headed by Rima Abdul-Malak, summoned the world of books. Around the table: the National Publishing Union (SNE), the Permanent Council of Writers, the French Bookstore Union (SLF) and representatives of Fnac-Darty and Cultura. Everyone was able to discuss with the Director General of Media and Cultural Industries (DGMIC), Florence Philbert. The opportunity to return to the issues linked to the AI ​​Act.

On the agenda, two major concerns regarding this compromise between the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament aimed at regulating the use of artificial intelligence: respect for copyright and the principle of transparency . “It is important that booksellers and readers can have the means to distinguish creative work from work produced by an AI”insists Guillaume Hussongeneral delegate of the French Bookstore Union who highlights the solidarity between cultural stakeholders regarding the defense of copyright during the meeting.

Text opacity

And ” prospective work » which is just the beginning for “ carry and promote creative work”as described Guillaume Husson. For the general director of the SNE, Renaud Lefebvrethe result of this exchange time is mixed. “We have explicit listening and support from the Ministry of Culturedetails the general director of the SNE, but that does not mean that we are reassured about France’s official position”. In question, the repeated French desire to position itself on this emerging market. Renaud Lefèbvre nevertheless reassures: “If the IA act is adopted as is, it will constitute progress and a first step towards achieving the effectiveness of the right of opposition.”

Another obstacle is the opacity of texts which are not yet public. Found on December 8, the regulatory agreement on artificial intelligence will be worked on until the end of January to be definitively voted on by the representatives of the Member States and by Parliament in the coming months. Difficult in these conditions to go into depth into the regulations and their details. “The AI ​​Act is not the end of the story, but a decisive step”summarizes Renaud Lefèbvre already on his way to Brussels and a new summit meeting to talk about AI and regulation, this time with the permanent representative of France to the European Union Philippe Léglise-Costa.

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For the rest, it will be a question of seeing if the new Minister of Culture and former Minister of Justice of Nicolas Sarkozy, Rachida Dati, will maintain dialogue with book stakeholders on this hot topic for the sector.

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