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Original title: The cartoonist complained about the limited smoking scene, do you think it should be harmonious?

I don’t know when, smoking has become a sensitive issue. Whether at home or abroad, whether it is a movie episode or a game animation, smoking scenes will be avoided and deleted. Especially in works involving minors, the restrictions on smoking scenes are more stringent.

Although the smoking scene is restricted, it is mainly to avoid adverse effects on minors. But whether such regulations are too strict and how effective they can be has been left in the minds of many people. Some time ago, the manga artist Morita Shinbo, who is famous for his works such as “School Comedy King”, also raised doubts about it.

On September 4th, Morita tweeted and complained that the scene of painting shaman is nothing, but the scene of painting smoking will be complained, which is too strange. According to the content before and after Morita’s Twitter, the cause of this incident seems to be related to the revision of his comic “Tekken vs Steel”.

Morita tweeted a screenshot of the manga and said (the publisher) made such low-quality edits without permission. If you can tell him, he will modify it himself. Comparing the screenshot posted by Morita with the original manga, it can be seen that the cigarette in the character’s hand has been harmonized. However, the modification of this image only erased the cigarette, but the character’s hand remained in the smoking position.

Since minors smoking is generally regarded as a manifestation of “not learning well”, in old-school bad comics such as “Tekken vs. Steel Fist”, there are often scenes of characters smoking. Although in the age of bad manga, manga magazines have not been so sensitive to smoking. But in the current environment, it seems that it is not so appropriate.

In fact, it is not uncommon to harmonize smoking scenes in anime and manga works. For example, the scene of Chengtaro (17 years old) smoking in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” was blacked out, and the cigarette of Nakayama in “One Piece” was changed to lollipops, etc.

As for the question raised by Morita, some people complained that such a modification is meaningless. The problem of imitating bad may be bigger than smoking. Some people have also analyzed Morita’s view of comparing sha people with smoking scenes: this happens because smoking is easier to do than sha people. Some children will imitate smoking after seeing it, but generally they will not imitate sha people…

So what do you think about smoking

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