The electric car at 100 euros per month for the most modest is arriving

2023-12-15 07:12:27

Emmanuel Macron launched on Thursday the leasing of electric cars “at 100 euros per month” for the most modest and his new “electric bonus”, with the stated aim of fighting global warming while promoting French or European production.

It is both a campaign promise and a setting to music of this “French ecology” that he says he supports: the Head of State announced the putting online of a government platform, mon-leasing-electrique.gouv.frto meet the commitment of a kick-off before the end of the year.

At least 20,000 deliveries in 2024

Concretely, cars can be reserved from January 1 directly with rental companies and the service will start slowly, with at least 20,000 deliveries in 2024, before a gradual ramp-up to adapt to that of French production.

As part of “ecological planning” to “continue to reduce our CO2 emissions”, we must “replace our so-called thermal vehicles with electric vehicles”, explained the Head of State in a video posted line on social networks. “The goal is that we help you buy electric vehicles produced here,” added Emmanuel Macron. He who still said in September that the French love “the car”, “and I love it”, knows that it still represents more than 15% of French greenhouse gas emissions, and that it will be necessary therefore quickly green this use to meet the objective of reducing these emissions by 55% by 2030.

“From January 1, the leasing system will be put in place at 100 euros per month,” continued the president, referring to the internet platform active from this Friday, where everyone will already be able to see if they are eligible and identify some available models such as the Peugeot e-208, the Renault Twingo e-Tech, the Citroën ë-C4, the Opel Mokka Electric or the Fiat 500e. The underlying idea is that European, and especially French, production of inexpensive electric models is not yet able to satisfy everyone.

“Heavy-roller actives”

“Rents are generally 100 euros or less, but can go up to 150 euros for family models,” it is specified on the site. Because if the energy consumption of an electric vehicle allows a household to save over the lifespan of a vehicle, the purchase cost is still often prohibitive for many French people.

This system will therefore ultimately be reserved for half of the lowest-income households (whose reference tax income per share is less than 15,400 euros), according to an advisor to the executive. But initially, the population concerned will be more restricted to specifically target, among these households, “active heavy drivers”, who drive more than 8,000 km per year or who live more than 15 km from their place of work.

The underlying idea is that European, and especially French, production of inexpensive electric models is not yet able to satisfy everyone. In 2024, the government expects the delivery of only 20,000 to 25,000 electric vehicles to customers of this leasing, which exempts beneficiaries from paying an initial contribution. This number should increase with French production, to be doubled by 2025, it is hoped in the entourage of the Head of State. For comparison, 1.5 million cars were sold in France in 2022.

Double the “electric bonus”

State aid for each vehicle at 100 euros per month will be 13,000 euros or, according to an advisor, double the “electric bonus”. The latter, a new version of the old ecological bonus, now includes environmental criteria to favor “low carbon” and almost exclusively electric vehicles for the first time, in a regulatory text which is due to appear in the Official Journal on Friday.

Emmanuel Macron has said in recent months that he wants to avoid French aid being used, ultimately, to purchase products manufactured in particular in China, at a time when France prides itself on the development of a booming electric battery industry.

According to the list unveiled Thursday by Bercy, eligible vehicles are de facto almost only produced in Europe. Chinese-made cars like the Dacia Spring, the cheapest electric on the market, but also the MG and Smart, are excluded from the bonus.

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