The first response from “Rahaf Al-Qahtani” to the veiled “Mashael Al-Tuwairqi” after she criticized her appearance as a presenter of a program in Al-Sayahid • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The well-known Snapchat celebrity, Rahaf Al-Qahtani, responded to the criticism of the veiled woman, Mashael Al-Tuwairqi, after appearing as a presenter on Al-Sayahid.

addition for the program

Rahaf Al-Qahtani said during a video clip: “If you were a beautiful addition to the program and prove yourself, you would not have answered me, nor did you get tired, nor did Johnny tell me, Rahaf, now you are taking courses,” indicating that she was chosen instead of Mashael Al-Tuwairqi.

profession informative

And she continued: “I went and traveled and took courses at their expense. They taught me and trained me, and I obtained the license that I practice a media profession. My name is Rahaf Al-Qahtani, the media person, and because they know that I am a beautiful addition to the program, they did not tire me.”

People Bale

And she added: “We are the people of the camel, my parents are a shepherd of camels, I am my group, my quarter, my family, I am this I pray, this is my place, where are you, where are you, better luck.”

flares Al-Tuwairqi

And the prospector, Mashael Al-Tuwairqi, criticized the appearance of the famous Snapchat Rahaf Al-Qahtani as the presenter of the program in Al-Sayahed.

And she said during a circulating video clip: “The issue is not envy, but the students of the Media Department who graduated, they are the first.

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