the Government’s energy transition path

2023-11-02 13:24:06

In an event that took place at the Argentine Center of Engineers, The Government presented the energy transition criteria defined in the official plan 2050, in which Vaca Muerta gas developments, renewables and lithium were considered. They argued that Argentina “has everything” necessary to face the transition process and should not import a model, but rather create one tailored to the country’s resources, capabilities and competencies.

The Secretary of Energy of the Nation, Flavia Royon, was in charge of presenting the “Guidelines and Scenarios for the Energy Transition to 2050”the roadmap prepared by the Ministry of Energy and published in July.

«There is not a single energy transition, but many, and this transition must be carried out to the extent of our capabilities, our resources, competencies and conditions. That’s why We are not going to import a model, but we must know how to build our own and adapted to our reality,” said Royon.

Among the capabilities and potential to be developed in the country, the secretary praised the development of Vaca Muerta. «In addition to natural gas, associated with Vaca Muerta, The transition constitutes an opportunity for the development of activities such as hydrogen and minerals«, he indicated.

In addition to natural gas, associated with Vaca Muerta, the transition constitutes an opportunity for the development of activities such as hydrogen and minerals.

Flavia Royon.

In this sense, the secretary highlighted that Argentina has the technology available for each province to “take advantage” of the strengths and particularities that it has to produce energy.

On this point, Royon explained that “by demanding many more minerals than traditional technologies require, Argentina is in a position to consolidate itself.” as the second largest supplier worldwide of critical mineral such as lithium by 2030”.

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Listed the world’s second unconventional gas reserve; regions with good solar and wind energy resources; and He also highlighted hydroelectric and nuclear energy, which represent a good part of the national energy matrix..

“Argentina is a country that does not have political conflicts, and despite going through a noisy macroeconomic situation, it clearly has advantages to become a secure energy supplier,” he added.

At the end of her presentation, the secretary emphasized the need to assist the transition process with financial support from multilateral organizations that “such as the World Bank, the IDB or the CAF, can carry out projects that strengthen and finance the transition.” Argentine energy.

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