The highest in the banks.. How to get a return of 1500 pounds annually on each

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Friday 05 August 2022

I wrote – Manal Al-Masry:

Nasser Social Bank is unique in offering two savings certificates with a term of 3 years at a high interest rate, which is the highest in the banking system. It is available on a different interest periodicity according to the desire of each customer, and its annual return due annually reaches the equivalent or above 1500 pounds for every 10 thousand pounds according to the certificate.

Nasser Bank offers two certificates at a high fixed interest rate, one of which reaches 15% annually and is available to all customers from the age of 16 years and above. .

Nasser Social Bank sells any certificate to the public from the first thousand pounds and its multiples, and provides periodicals for disbursing different returns monthly, quarterly, or annually according to the customer’s desire.

Nasser Social Bank came at the top of the banks in disbursing the highest high interest rate on certificates after the decision of Al-Ahly and Egypt banks to stop a certificate of 18% annually with one-year terms at the end of last May, after the target proceeds collected 750 billion pounds in 71 days from its presentation to citizens.

Savings certificates are very popular with the public to invest their surplus money in a safe and risk-free manner, especially from individuals (employees, housewives and pensioners) due to the regularity of the return disbursement, which mainly helps them to pay the cost of living.

Masrawy provides details of the due return and the periodicity of its disbursement on the two certificates offered in Nasser Social Bank, at an interest rate that is the highest, with 10,000 pounds fixed as an example for calculating the rate of return.

First- Testimony (Give Back):

For the elderly, from the age of 60 years and above, the interest rate ranges annually between 14.25% monthly, and 15.25% according to the periodicity of the return exchange, as it will be addressed.

The size of the return due on the return certificate for every 10 thousand pounds: a return of 1500 pounds and 25 pounds is due on the periodicity of paying the annual return, or 1400 pounds and 25 pounds on the periodicity of disbursing the monthly return.

Second- A certificate available to all the public:

At an annual interest rate of up to 15%, available to all public from the first 16 years.

The size of the interest payable according to the periodicity of interest disbursement: 1400 pounds are disbursed annually in the case of monthly interest disbursement, or 1400 and 25 pounds for the quarterly return periodicity, or 1500 pounds for the annual return disbursement period.

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