The home console version of the Japanese mecha girl game “Mecha Girl Alice” is officially released and scheduled to be launched in 2022

MAGES. Published today (1/21), will launch Pyramid’s mobile/PC action shooting game “Pyramid” in 2022Alice Gear Aegis(Alice Gear Aegis)” (Android / iOS / PC), the console version of “Alice Gear Aegis (Tentative Title)”.

  《Alice Gear Aegis” is an action shooting game produced by Pyramid. It invites Fumkin Shimada, the founder of Japanese weapons, and well-known mechanical design masters Kentake Eirakawa and Keiyuki Yanase to be responsible for the original character design and armed mechanical design, and the well-known video entertainment group ZUNTATA is responsible for the theme song and BGM.

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The game is in the style of the Japanese super-space mecha war. The story describes that in the future world, human beings are invaded by the mysterious mechanical life form “VICE” and forced to flee into space. save. Players will transform into the new captain of the escaped spaceship fleet “Tokyo Mothership”, leading the girl in the war to save the humans wandering in the universe, and at the same time find out the truth behind the world.

At present, MAGES. has only announced the tentative name and pre-order date of the home console version, and details such as the production platform are still to be announced later.

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