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Today the case of the elders who continue to taunt the people under the gaze of the CTRI. Good reading !

Are we really out of the regime that “imbecilized” us for more than half a century? I doubt.

We suffered from this regime, totalitarian, corrupt, cynical, and at the head of which were cardboard kinglets, people without distinction who, without modesty, pretended to be the guardians of the Temple, untouchables, Ayatollahs in short. who looked at their fellow citizens with the contempt of little shits.

You had to see them from the height of their postures, bling-bling slung over their shoulders. To tell the truth, I have the impression that despite the arrival of the putschists in whom the Gabonese have invested all their confidence to have driven out the Bongo following a deal made with the foreign forces placed in control, it This is the status quo.

Nothing moves, nothing changes, everything is frozen, it’s as if the whole country was put under anesthesia. The same defects, although criticized, take lasting root.

Influence peddling, all-out corruption, embezzlement established as an initiation rite, the barbarians of modern times are still in office, imperturbable despite the targeted strikes of the Committee for the Transition and Restoration of Institutions (CTRI).

With the advent of the “Ctristes”, I stupidly believed that this species of individuals who pollute the public administration would be put out of harm’s way. Curiously, they are still there, their asses stuck in soft armchairs, symbols of their omnipotence.

Most of them claim inheritance: ”son of; daughter of, parent of, nephew of the minister or the President of the Republic…, an existence by proxy. Their identities are proudly associated with their parents’ position in business.

Potential worthy avatars of their progenitors. Gabonese B plans. Nothing to do with what we should call the real plan B… which allowed Bassirou Diomaye Faye to win the Senegalese presidential election when his mentor, Ousmane Sonko, had been insidiously excluded from the race.

The putschists had, however, promised to hunt down with long-range strategic weapons, such as ”Satan 2”, via a vast investigation, all the buccaneers, wherever they nest, who scour the public administration. So far nothing, apart from a few knotheads stuck in Gros Bouquet. The bulk of the peloton is still running and continues to happily enjoy their prebends.

Recently, the men in fatigues, through their spokesperson, issued a press release prohibiting the improper use of the portrait of Moïse Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema. This release was necessary because at this pace, we wouldn’t be surprised to see loincloths and thongs printed with his image… in the days of OBO, we would have been entitled to all this fun gadgetry.

It was therefore necessary to stop this disgusting folklore. All this is to be put down to measures with no real impact on the progress of the country.

We wait for the CTRI where there is an emergency. But, in fact, between us, if profito-situationists abuse his image as a messiah who came to liberate Gabon from the tyrannical power of the Bongos, he should nevertheless rejoice, he who accepts, as in the time of the Bongos, that our mothers and daughters start to wiggle in the sun during these so-called republican parties.

The Gabonese people expect strong actions, not these small measures which plunge them into hypnosis. If this is how the CTRI wants to restore the institutions, I am afraid that the great national palaver planned for this month will give birth to a mouse!

Timothée Mémey, independent columnist journalist

NB: this column does not reflect the point of view of the editorial staff

2024-03-28 10:30:53
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