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He made slanderous remarks to attack Gongtian Temple in Baisha Tun, and the main suspect was a wanted criminal. When he was arrested, he visited Yuqing Palace. (Photo by reporter Cai Zhengmin)

2022/07/03 10:07

[Reported by Cai Zhengmin/Miaoli]The well-known Baishatun Gongtian Temple went to the Chaotian Temple in Beigang, Yunlin County to enter incense. After the return ceremony on the afternoon of May 27, Gongtian Temple Baishatun Gongtian Temple found that during the incense period, some people with intentions used the “Baishatun Temple”. “Gongtiangong” and “Official Head Flag Pattern” made videos to publish hurtful remarks. It was also stated that the purpose of the incense offering was to defraud believers to donate sesame oil. The Gongtian Temple also filed a lawsuit for damage to reputation. The police successively arrested Yang Nv, Chen Nan, and Zeng Nan, who instigated the filming of the film. Zeng Nan was even in Yuqing Palace in Miaoli City at that time. visit.

The Tongxiao police pointed out that after accepting the report, they actively pursued the case. They first found Yang Nv and Chen Nan in Nantou County. Later, they found that the two were entrusted by Zeng Nan. Zeng Nan even set up a group to ask members to shoot videos and upload them later. .

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Tongxiao police also found that the main suspect, Zeng Nan, has 12 previous convictions, including nuisance to the family, injury, and fraud, and is currently wanted for harm.

In the process of investigating Zeng Nan, the police found that the division of labor was meticulous. No matter whether they sent people to Gongtian Temple to shoot the Yao throwing video, collected information on the Internet, and edited the video, they were all responsible.

The police continued to track down Zeng Nan and found that Zeng Nan was staying in a motel in Miaoli County, and two women accompanied him to stay in the hotel and visit Yuqing Palace.

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