The Minister of Commerce announces the launch of the food basket for those covered by social care

Baghdad – conscious
Trade Minister Atheer Daoud Al-Ghurairy announced the launch of the food basket for those covered by social care.

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A statement by the ministry’s media, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated, “The Minister of Trade, Atheer Daoud Al-Ghurairy, announced the launch of cutting and preparing the food basket for those covered by the social protection network and those with limited income, as of next Sunday, corresponding to the twenty-second of January.”
For her part, the General Manager of the General Company for Foodstuff Trade, Lama Hashem Al-Moussawi, said, “In implementation of Cabinet Resolution No. 349 of 2022, the distribution of the food basket will be launched for those segments mentioned in the decision.”
He pointed out that “the materials will include the current food basket materials in addition to the additional materials, which are (1 liter of oil – 1 kg of sugar – 200 gm of tea – 250 gm of milk – 1 kg of zero flour)”, stressing that “the staff of the foodstuff company in all locations in Baghdad and the provinces are mobilized and during Official holidays to finish its preparations to start completing cutting and processing.
In its statement, the ministry called on food agents to review the cutting centers in Baghdad and the governorates for the purpose of cutting the shares of the covered citizens.

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