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The left is trying everything to try to regroup in Bari after Giuseppe Conte’s defeat. As Repubblica reveals, the name to try to get everyone on the same side in view of the municipal elections in June, which will designate Antonio Decaro’s heir, is Nicola Colaianni. A former magistrate and centre-left parliamentarian, Colaianni could be the right profile to reunite the broad camp, which went up in smoke after the M5S leader’s choice to withdraw from the primaries. “We are working to avoid a split between Michele Laforgia’s supporters – the 5 Star Movement, Italian Left, Socialists and citizens’ associations – and those of Vito Leccese, supported by Pd Europa Verde, Action, Social Democrats and various civic lists”, the background of the daily newspaper.

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In particular, the solution was conceived by Nichi Vendola, former president of the Puglia Region, who went on a mission to Bari to bring everyone together under the same candidate, also meeting Decaro himself. Laforgia is ready to take a step back in the event of Colaianni’s candidacy.

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2024-04-14 04:06:29

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