The new very controversial gesture of Leroy Sané towards Sadio Mané (video)

2023-07-23 22:16:50

Sadio Mané is living the most difficult hours of his fine career. The Senegalese player, pushed out by the leaders of Bayern Munich, is not very comfortable in the Bavarian locker room either.

Another image that confirms the fact that Leroy Sané has not really turned the page on their altercation. As the Bayern Munich players were presented to the Munich public this Sunday, the German striker distinguished himself with a controversial gesture.

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Indeed, while the announcer announced the name of Sadio Mané, Leroy Sané decided not to applaud number 10 of the “Téranga Lions”. A gesture that says a lot about the petty attitude of Leroy Sané towards Sadio Mané. Another remark made also, at the time of the entry of the Senegalese, the Bavarian public was almost silent when he had cheered the other players.

The tension is therefore at its peak. Seeing Sadio Mané go away in the next few days will no longer be a surprise as the Senegalese player is going through a complicated situation.

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