The pink wave is also sweeping over watches

2023-09-19 04:30:12

As we saw during the summer, the color pink was everywhere. It’s the fault of the famous Barbie doll who, since her appearance on the big screen, has blown a lot of candy pink powder over fashion, accessories and even decoration. Watchmaking is therefore not left out. Pastel tones, such as sky blue or almond green, have already been used in recent seasons on numerous timepieces. Generally the touch of chromatic boldness is placed on a dial or bracelet, often interchangeable.

Rose from head to toe

Some watch companies have therefore opted for completely pink versions. This is the case of Gucci and its 25 H model, whose bracelet and case are in bubble gum tinted aluminum. Hamilton and Junghans even dare to offer a plum dial, uncommon in watchmaking, which they combine with pink leather straps for a vibrant result. Bulgari and Hermès maintain a certain sobriety by opting for the association with a steel case. Classic, but terribly effective with pink.

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Watch 25 H, 40 mm, automatic, aluminum case and bracelet, Gucci9500 fr.

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Bulgari Bulgari watch, 33 mm, quartz, steel case and bracelet, satin-finished dial, Bulgari3670 fr.

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Ma Première Mini watch, quartz, steel case, interchangeable leather strap, Poiray1520 fr.

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Fleetingly Pink Pay! watch, SwatchPAY! function, 41 mm, quartz, bioceramic case, silicone strap, Swatch105 fr.

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Meister Fein Automatic watch, 39.5 mm, automatic, steel case, dial set with 8 diamonds, domed leather strap, Junghans1540 fr.

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Cape Cod Chaîne d’Ancre watch, 23 mm, quartz, steel case, calfskin strap, Hermes3260 fr.

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Aikon Automatic watch, 35 mm, automatic, steel case, Clous de Paris dial, rubber strap, Maurice Lacroix2500 fr.

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Jazzmaster Skeleton Lady Auto watch, 36 mm, automatic, steel case, leather strap, Hamilton1115 fr.

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L3 Cherry Blossom watch, 40.5 mm, automatic, steel case, Maurice de Mauriac4400 fr.

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