The thousand yuan machine can also “shoot the moon”! iQOO Z7 Announced Equipped with Super Moon Function_Mode_mAh_Flash Charge

Original title: The thousand yuan machine can also “shoot the moon”! iQOO Z7 announced to be equipped with super moon function

I don’t know when, “shooting the moon” has become one of the criteria for evaluating the night shooting ability of a mobile phone, and each company often only brings corresponding functions on flagship products.

Today, iQOO officially announced,The super moon function will be brought to iQOO Z7, so that the thousand yuan phone can also achieve the performance of “shooting the moon”.

It is reported that at present, most of the manufacturers’ “shooting the moon” function,After the moon is recognized as the main subject, AI is used to synthesize multiple frames and enhance the image quality and picture details.

Being able to carry this function is enough to see that iQOO attaches great importance to iQOO Z7 shooting.

In addition to the super moon mode, iQOO Z7 is a thousand yuan phone,It is also equipped with OIS optical image stabilization, and has super night scene 4.0 and micro movie mode, which can be used in various shooting scenes.

In other aspects, iQOO Z7 is equipped with Snapdragon 782G processor, and has a combination of 120W super flash charge + 500mAh large battery, which is quite eye-catching.

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