The Untold Story of Saeed Al-Zahrani: From Volunteer to Muezzin of the Mosque

2023-06-06 10:03:46

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The broadcaster, Saeed Al-Zahrani, revealed in his first media appearance after an absence for many years, the story of his making the call to prayer in the mosque.

He said during an interview with the “Al-Ikhbariya” channel: “When I lived in my house, this coincided with the opening of the mosque at the same moment, and a spiritual relationship became between me and the mosque.”

And he continued: “When the muezzin died, may God have mercy on him, the mosque became without a muezzin, and I volunteered, thanks to God, and became the muezzin of the mosque. Now, in times of emergency, if there is no muezzin, I perform the call to prayer,” indicating that he is a collaborator only.

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