This is Brians 2, the famous prison with a swimming pool and individual cells

This Monday, July 8, The rapper Morad (25 years old) has entered the prison of Brians 2 of Barcelona for a crime of reckless driving. The artist He will have to serve a six-month sentence in this famous penitentiary center for events that took place in 2022 and that had not been revealed until now.

Despite having agreed to a sentence in accordance with the accusation of half a year of deprivation of liberty, the prosecutor opposed the suspension of the execution of the sentence and The popular Catalan rapper has already spent his first night at Brians 2.

The prison in which Morad is going to spend these months is the same one he just came out of. Dani Alves and through which other recognized names have also passed, such as Diego Torresformer partner of Urdangarin; John McAfeedesigner of McAfee antivirus software; Sandro Rosellpresident of the Barcelona Football Club between 2010 and 2014; Oriol Pujol, son of Jordi Pujol, former president of the Generalitat of Catalonia; u Oriol Junqueraspresident of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) since 2011.

What the Brians 2 penitentiary center is like

Located in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, 38 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​Brians 2 was inaugurated in 2007 and is considered one of the ‘best’ in the country. With modern and comfortable facilities, this prison has single and double cells, mostly with a separate shower, swimming pool, sports court, library, living room, hairdresser, gym and garden recreation areas.

It is also the largest prison in Catalonia and one of the most violentin which Just a few days ago a cook, Nuria L., was murdered by a prisoner. In 2023, the incidents recorded in Brians 2 were 173 in total, a figure that is scandalously far from the first prison with the most attacks in the rest of Spain, Madrid V-Soto del Real, in which there were 24 attacks. A trend in the autonomous community, whose figures have no parallel in the rest of the country, where prisons are controlled by the Ministry of the Interior.

Exterior of Brians 2 Generalitat of Catalonia

Double cell of Brians 2 Department of Justice

Brians 2 make it up 14 residential modules of ordinary life, each with three floors and 72 cells. It also has two more modules for specific services and profiles. In total, the land occupies 14 hectares and the constructed area amounts to 111,450 square meters. It has capacity for 2,048 people.

The Department of Justice of Catalonia highlights, in its description, “the spaciousness of its spaces, its luminosity and the contact of buildings and outdoor spaces” of Brians 2, as well as the “wide streets, ramblas and patios where the inmate can have a social life.”

This prison is designed for promote integration with the surrounding population. For this reason, the almost 1,500 inmates of this penitentiary can participate in “the experiences and activities shared between the inmate population and the members of the closest communities.”

In addition, Brians 2 makes available to inmates education and craft workshops dedicated to different branches or the possibility of working in the restaurant servicen of the center that “will also become another element of socio-labor reintegration, since the company that is in charge of the provision will incorporate inmates,” according to the Generalitat of Catalonia.

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Each module has a communications area with 40 call rooms, 30 rooms for family visits, and another 30 for intimate visits, among other features. Furthermore, prisoners have 24-hour medical care and a room dedicated to mental healthwhere conferences and psychological support are offered for them and their families.

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