Today.. the moon and Jupiter meet in the evening sky

Space reported that Jupiter will appear clearly in the sky from late Sunday evening, as it surpasses everything in the sky except for the moon, and Jupiter and the moon will remain visible for the rest of the night, and they will reach their climax towards the south shortly before four in the morning, at a height More than half the distance from the horizon to the directly overhead point.
And Space confirms, that the orientation before Monday will change significantly when they cross the southern meridian at that early hour, and Jupiter appears to be glowing directly above the moon, and they will also appear closer to each other with the gap between the two shrinking to three degrees.
The four largest moons of Jupiter, discovered by Galileo 412 years ago, will remain a constant pleasure for amateur astronomers, and can be seen in any telescope even binoculars, as they orbit Jupiter so quickly that they change their appearance from hour to hour and from night to night.
Scientists confirm that at first one moon “Io” will appear on one side of Jupiter and two “Ganymede and Callisto” on the other side, but the next day the fourth moon “Europe” will appear from behind the disk of Jupiter, to join Ganymede and Callisto, and then tomorrow, Monday. At 2:15 AM US time, Io will fade, as it is eclipsed by the shadow of Jupiter.

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