Tourist Scammed with 400 Euro Lobster Dish on Mykonos Vacation: The DK Oyster Bar Controversy

2023-06-06 17:41:00

No it was not a mistake. However, when the waiters handed him the bill, Oscar thought it was a miscalculation. The 34-year-old was vacationing in Mykonos with his boyfriend and decided to stop by a well-known bar on the island, DK Oyster.

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The couple had been attracted by the offer of a free deckchair on the square for any purchase of a drink. A tempting proposition that he would have done better to avoid.

“They were really really nice and the service was really good, they made conversation with us. We ordered soft drinks. Just two smoothies. I did not ask the price, ”he tells the Mirror. Add to the order a pasta dish with lobster… without knowing that it would be charged by the gram. “They brought us the biggest lobster. It was pasta but with the whole part of a lobster. It was a big chunk. »

The beginning of the problems. Once the dish was swallowed, a small piece of paper told them that it cost 400 euros! “I went to pay and the guy told me that the two smoothies were 65 euros each; After that he said it was 600 euros, after charging 100 euros for the service,” says Oscar. Shocked, the Brit tries to call the police but also wants to avoid trouble.

Furious, he will end up paying to avoid wasting his day. “It almost ruined my vacation. I will never go there again. I will never recommend it. »

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