Tragic Suicide at Xiamen Technician College Sparks Outcry Over Work Pressure and Mental Health Support

2023-12-18 12:34:03

The huge pressure makes people breathless! A 25-year-old male instructor surnamed Xu from Xiamen Technician College in China was in his prime, had a fiancée, and had even set a wedding date. Two weeks ago, he jumped from the 13th floor and ended his life. His family members checked their computers and mobile phones and found out that On average, Xu Nan has to go to class for more than 50 hours a week, and he often has to deal with chores after work, which drives him to a dead end.

It is understood that Xu Nan jumped from the 13th floor at 8:24 a.m. on December 4 wearing work clothes and carrying an identification card. The location was a rental near the school. He was going to get married in a week, which is thought-provoking. Not sure why. Afterwards, my sister checked Xu Nan’s mobile phone, computer and office information and believed that her brother committed suicide due to too much work pressure.

Xu Nan jumped from the 13th floor with his identification card hanging. (Picture/reproduced from Xiaoxiang Morning News)

Xu Nan was assigned a task by the school on November 17, requiring him to complete 84 lesson plans within 5 days. Xu Nan fell ill on November 23, and applied for a postponement of submission, but the school ignored it; he had to attend 263.5 hours of teaching in one semester. On average, I have to attend classes for more than 50 hours a week, which is almost double the workload. Plus, I am a tutor, and I have to deal with student affairs after work. Not only that, the school also gave him the work of the Academic Affairs Office and the Student Affairs Office, forcing him to sell insurance to students.

Xu Nan hoped that the school could be tolerant, but was rejected. (Picture/reproduced from Xiaoxiang Morning News)

During the chat, Xu Nan complained many times that the school “couldn’t finish the lesson plans”, “the class schedule is too big”, “too tired”, etc. After the incident, the family went to the school five times to seek justice, but the school refused to admit its fault. “The person did not die in the school,” “The school must not be responsible,” “How could the school be at fault?”

On the first seven days of Xu Nan’s life, his family members were kicked out of more than 30 groups. (Picture/reproduced from Xiaoxiang Morning News)

Xu Nan’s parents waited all night in the school conference room and were sent to the hospital for emergency treatment the next morning. However, on the first day of their son’s first seven days, while his body was still lying in the cold funeral parlor, he was kicked out of all groups in the school. In this regard, Xiamen Technician College stated to the Xiaoxiang Morning News that the matter is under investigation and the school is actively negotiating with the family members. The specific details cannot be disclosed. It also emphasized that there are many false information on the Internet, which has had a negative impact on the school, and will be removed. Legal avenues.

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※Safety Hotline: 1925 (Still Love Me)

※Teacher Zhang’s hotline: 1980

※Lifeline hotline: 1995

※Anti-bullying hotline: 0800-200-885

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