Tragic Water Accident in Ostend Canal: Body Found and Rescue Efforts Captured in Videos

2023-09-04 07:59:09

This Sunday evening, two men fell into the water in the Ostend canal, not far from the port, indicated this Sunday evening our colleagues from Laatste Nieuws. If one could have been taken out quickly, that had not been the case for the other. This Monday morning, Het Nieuwsblad announces that a body was found near the port, around 8 am. If the victim has not been formally identified, everything suggests that it is the man who has been missing since Sunday.

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The first victim, in his twenties, was taken to hospital. He is still in mortal danger. The second, a 29-year-old man, was missing and has therefore been found.

Rescue, divers and sonar boat had gone looking for him, in vain. The operation was halted shortly after 9 p.m. and resumed this morning.

According to our colleagues, the two men had dived into the water in search of a bunch of keys which had fallen.

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