Transforming Cards: A Card Battle Game Strategy Guide

2024-02-13 07:00:00

Cut the Cards, a card battle game launched by the game development team Gigantic Byte, players will fight monsters on a medieval map using the cards in their hands. However, these cards are not only provided by the system, but can also be added to the card by themselves. Cut out the description text and paste it on another card to turn the card into a new card. If you can make a super powerful card, you can easily defeat every monster on the map.

Cut out and paste the instructions to transform into a brand new card

The description text in the card is all in English. You can cut out certain letters and put them on another card. For example, cut out the “poison” and “forg” in “Attack with poison bullfrog” and put them on another card. Cut out the “fire” in the “Attack with fire dice” in the card, and exchange the two cut pieces to get a new “Attack with fire bull” card. The pattern in the card will also From poisonous frogs and flaming dice to flaming cows.

▲In addition to using system cards during battle, you can also think about how to use the cut-and-paste function to make the cards stronger.

▲There are many levels in the map, you can choose the level you want to play at will.

By assigning attributes to cards, you can attack monsters based on their weaknesses.

The effects in the cards are like “Fire Dice” and “Poisonous Frog”, which are all cards with attributes. If you encounter an ice monster and the attack power of “Fire Dice” is weak, you can use the card to Cut it out and paste it into a “Fire Cow”, or even a “Fire Throwing Knife” or “Fire Arrow” to make the card’s attack power stronger. The map route in the game can be explored in any direction according to the player’s preference. Different monsters will randomly appear in each level. What you need to consider is whether the cards in the card can change into new cards to pass the level.

▲If you win the battle, you will get resources, and then use the resources to buy cards.

▲Cards can also be used outside of battle. If the card has special effects, a purple option will appear.

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