tunnel project Qatar And Iran: Iran is reportedly preparing to build a new tunnel by sea from Iran to Qatar – qatar and iran to sign undersea tunnel project among other major deals

Qatar prepares to build new sea tunnel from Iran to Qatar Al Jazeera reports the news. It is planned to build a tunnel from the Iranian port city of Dayar to Qatar.

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It is reported that discussions on the construction of the tunnel will take place this week. Iranian Roads Minister Rostam Qasmi and Qatari officials will discuss the issue. Forbes reports that the talks will take place in Doha this week. If the tunnel is built, it will be the longest tunnel in the world. It is about 190 km from Dayar in Iran to the coast of Qatar. The arrival of this tuner will be a major step forward in the Arab world itself.

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The 38 km long Channel Tunnel between France and the United Kingdom is the longest undersea tunnel in the world. It will be the largest maritime tunnel in Iran as the new tunnel arrives in Qatar.


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