“Turn the frustration of doing what you hate into motivation to do what you love”

Regina has had a fly behind her ear for several days because of a new product whose advertising she finds everywhere. She turns on the TV and there are the ads for her. On her way to work she reads her billboards on both sides of the road. And when she goes online it seems as if flashing banners take over every web page she visits. She gets curious and finally decides to search for information and watch one of her promotional videos:

«Gym of the Future.com arrives. The most revolutionary concept in the history of exercise. GymOfTheFuture.com. We do your exercise for you! You stay on your sofa and all you have to do is enter GymDelFuturo.com, choose one of our sculptural monitors, select the type of exercise and voilà.

He or she will do the exercise for you while you sit on your couch eating chips and watching them do it via video conference. Playing sports has never been so easy. Millions of people around the world have signed up for this revolutionary way of exercising. We lift your weights while you watch!

Does she believe such an ad?

There’s a reason Regina doesn’t believe it and neither do you.

It’s that if someone lifts your weights for you, the one who gets stronger is him and not you. Why? Because…

“Resistance produces growth”, Anxo Pérez

Now, the question is: if 100% of the people who join the gym want to find resistance because they know that only then will they be able to succeed with their muscle-building goals, why do we want to avoid that resistance the rest of the time and even well get success in life?

The goal of this Stepping Stone is to get you to have the same attitude towards life’s bumps as you do towards weights in the gym. Just as in the gym it is not only you who seeks to face those weights, but you even pay for it because you know that if there is resistance there is development, when you encounter adversity in life, use the same self-esteem to be you who accept to face her, because if the one who goes through her is you, the one who grows thanks to her, too.

“Stop seeing obstacles as obstacles and start seeing them as opportunities for growth”, Anxo Pérez

If you do this, two things will happen. The first is that you will reverse the role of adversities in your life. If before you saw them as a slab that only fed a well of waste, now you will see them as gym dumbbells that feed your growth well. The second is that you will also reverse the attitude of your mind, thereby affecting your own success intelligence. If before a setback was a cause for discouragement, now it is for development and therefore for hope.

«Tesón is not measured by how we behave when it is sunny, but by how we act in the storm»
@Angel #TheIntelligenceofSuccess

The people with the highest intelligence for success are situation investors. They take a negative situation and turn it upside down: unfavorable situations they turn into favorable ones, bitter ones into sugar to sweeten future triumphs, setbacks into preparation for the next battle, adversities into instructors. and obstacles in gyms.

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