Lionel Messi responded with only two images to Karim Benzema’s “message” for The Best FIFA for the ‘Best Player in the World

The Best it was all for Argentinaworld champion in Qatar 2022: best player, best coach, best goalkeeper and best fans.

But from the other side of the sidewalk they came out shouting because Lionel Messi he won the French forwards in the votes Kylian Mbappe y Karim Benzema.

The Real Madrid goalscorer published a story hinting at his anger at how the podium ended. to which Messi also answered.

The ‘Cat’ was not present at the FIFA ceremony, actually all of Real Madrid said they were absent because they were against various categories and they already had in mind that they were not going to be able to win something.

That’s why Karim He posted a photo with his stats and trophies to try to prove he deserved the award..

Instagram I Karim Benzema

Hours later, he would come Messi’s devastating response on Instagram, the same place that the French chose to play. The 10 He only posted two photos of him with the World Cup and didn’t say anything else..

Instagram I Lionel Messi
Instagram I Lionel Messi