UAE’s Humanitarian Efforts in Gaza: 247 Tons of Aid Delivered – News Summary

2023-11-27 01:43:20

Dubai: 247 tonnes of food items collected from UAE in Gaza came 10 Vali during the temporary ceasefire. 16,520 food items in trucks were delivered by Rafa Ati. Can be brought to Gaza by boat. These food items were distributed under the leadership of Emirates Red Crescent. Do it.

Officials from various locations in the erstwhile U.A.E. Volunteer to collect relief items and place them in designated areas. Packing was completed with the help of Mr. Remains airlifted to Egypt by truck to Gaza Being held.

U.A. for treating the injured in Gaza last day. (e) Required coordination to the field hospital engaged in We were also crossing the Rafah border. The aim is to establish the hospital in southern Gaza. In addition to this, 1000 children and 1000 cancer patients in the U.A.E. The treatment plan has also been started. Two planes with injured people have already landed in Abu Dhabi. It is fixed.

UAE press to deliver much-needed aid to Palestinians Dant Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan ‘Gallant Night-3’ Opera Shan had declared. As part of this, the field hospital and supplies are delivered. Th. The 150-bed field hospital has been set up in multiple phases. Aiming to P to the Palestinian people in the current tumultuous situation. Ashupatri Sajjee is part of knowing support and unity. It is burning. U.A. also plans to build a saltwater desalination plant. Planning is being done under the leadership of E.

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