“Uncertainty Looms Over Continuity of Solidarity Income in Colombia: Everything You Need to Know”

2023-05-29 11:05:00

Pay a lot of attention! In Colombiathere is uncertainty about the continuity of the program of Solidarity income in 2023, because its distribution was stopped at the end of last year. Until the end of 2022, the Department of Social Prosperity (DPS) was in charge of administering this benefit. Instead, a special payment of 500,000 pesos was introduced as part of the Shock Plan against Hunger. It is important to highlight that this subsidy was established in the country with the purpose of providing economic support to the most vulnerable families that are in a situation of extreme poverty.

During a press conference, Cielo Rusinque, director of Social Prosperity, offered detailed information about the implementation of the Shock Plan Against Hunger, a program created by the National Government. This program was launched with the delivery of a special transfer of 500,000 pesos. However, there is uncertainty about the continuity of this subsidy through 2023. In this article, all the relevant details will be provided, including information on the requirements to be a beneficiary of the program and if the distribution is taking place. in the country.

How do you know if you are entitled to the Solidarity Income?

  • Access the website .
  • In the upper right corner of the page, click the SIGN UP button.
  • Log in to the Digital Citizen Authentication service using your ID number if you are already registered, or click on REGISTER HERE to create a new account.
  • Select the REGISTRATION WITH IDENTITY DOCUMENT option in the TYPE OF ACCESS field and follow the instructions provided.
  • Once registered, return to the program page and log in again by following steps 1, 2 and 3.
  • When accessing the system, a window will open with the information of the registered user. Check the data and close the window.
  • Finally, a window will be displayed with the relevant information about your household, such as the beneficiary status and the status of the household, among other details.

What will happen to the Solidarity Income in 2023?

To date, the National Government of Colombia has not announced the introduction of a new Solidarity Income program for the year 2023. The current president, Gustavo Petro, has stressed that no more similar benefits will be granted this year due to limited availability resources to sustain the subsidies. However, the president is committed to exploring alternatives to continue offering support to Colombian families.

It is relevant to take into account that the aforementioned subsidy is no longer in force, since the last delivery was carried out in December of last year as part of the Shock Plan Against Hunger for the beneficiaries of the Solidarity Income, and until the second week of January 2023 for other grants. Currently, it is necessary to wait to receive new communication from the Government or Social Prosperity, the entity in charge of social programs, to obtain more information about the possible continuity of this assistance.

Who accesses the bonus of 500 thousand pesos?

The Department of Social Prosperity implemented the Zero Hunger program, which consisted of granting a special bonus as financial aid. This program provided support to different groups of beneficiaries, including:

  • New households in group A of Sisbén IV that did not receive any type of state aid.
  • Beneficiaries of the Solidarity Income program who also belong to group A of Sisbén IV.
  • Households headed by women with children under 6 years of age who participate in the Familias en Acción program.
  • Participants of the Jóvenes en Acción program who are single mothers with children under 6 years of age and who meet the established requirements.

In summary, the Zero Hunger program was designed to provide financial support to these specific groups of beneficiaries, through the delivery of an extraordinary bonus.


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