Understanding Heart Health: Assessing through Complexion, Tongue, and Nails – Insights from Traditional Chinese Medicine

2023-09-03 10:29:00

Yu Yawen, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, said that if you want to see if a person’s heart is healthy, you can judge it from the complexion, tongue, and nails. Because the heart is healthy, the blood circulation is naturally good, and it can be seen from the peripheral circulation; the picture shows the situation. (picture taken from shutterstock)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Chinese medicine consultation not only can feel the pulse, but also can see whether the “heart” is good or not through “seeing, hearing and asking”. In this regard, Yu Yawen, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, said that if you want to see whether a person’s heart is healthy, you can judge it from the complexion, tongue, and nails. Because the heart is healthy, the blood circulation is naturally good, and it can be seen from the peripheral circulation.

Yu Yawen’s Facebook fan page “Yu Yawen, Physician of Shangxi Traditional Chinese MedicineThe article pointed out that the “heart” of Chinese medicine is not the same as the heart and blood vessels of Western medicine. It refers to the entire system that runs through the “Heart Sutra” of the heart in the twelve meridians of the human body, but there are also very similarities between the two , and the “heart governs the blood” in TCM theory means that the heart is responsible for pushing blood circulation throughout the body, which is similar to the function of the heart as we usually know it.

Poor blood circulation is more prone to long-term inflammation

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Yu Yawen said that TCM consultations have the skill of “look, smell, ask and feel”. As long as you grasp the complexion, tongue (including tongue surface and sublingual blood vessels), and nails introduced below, you can immediately judge whether a person’s heart is healthy or not. Blood deficiency (blood deficiency), blood stasis (high blood lipids are easy to form thrombus) constitution, poor blood circulation, the body is also prone to long-term inflammation, and cardiovascular inflammation leads to arteriosclerosis, which may lead to myocardial infarction and other consequences.

●Look at the face:Ancient medical books pointed out: “The heart, its beauty lies in the face”, and the heart meridian also runs to the face, so the function of the heart can be observed by the color of the face.

●Look at the tongue:Chinese medicine says that “the heart opens to the tongue, and the tongue is the seedling of the heart”, which means that the tongue is the external manifestation of the heart, so any disease in the heart can be seen through the tongue.

●Look at nails:Among the twelve meridians of the human body, including the heart meridian and the pericardium meridian, which are closely related to heart health, there are six meridians whose starting and ending points are located at the fingertips, so there is a saying of “ten fingers connecting the heart”. Nails can tell whether the peripheral blood circulation is good or bad, and the color of nails can tell the health of the heart.

Yu Yawen shared that a male patient in his 60s has high blood pressure and has the habit of exercising, but he does not take medication regularly. It was because of the relationship between playing ball, and then I started to have diarrhea symptoms and went to the doctor.

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After checking the condition of his tongue with a tongue examination in Chinese medicine, coupled with the interrogation, it was found that he usually sleeps late, eats irregularly, and has a strong taste; It is some obvious symptoms of cardiovascular problems. It was only discovered after being sent to the emergency room. It was diagnosed as vascular obstruction. Although the follow-up treatment improved, I also wanted to use traditional Chinese medicine to recuperate. After that, the situation improved a lot.

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