Unlocking Minsala in Baldur’s Gate ACT 3: A Guide to Joining the Team and Overcoming Game Bugs

2023-09-21 07:00:16
Actual test date: 2023-September Preface When I had already played Baldur’s Gate ACT 3, I saw that Minsala could join the team, so I cut off the hand marks and practiced again. However, I found that most of the methods were completed by using bugs in the own game or modifiers/MODs before the update in mid-August. This bug is to take over Harsin’s mission, leaving only Minsala, go directly to the Moonrise Tower, recruit Minsala into the team, and then go back to kill his teammate Minsala and resurrect him. After updating Pach, as long as you leave the act 1 map and go to the mountain pass, Harsin will die directly. However, the demon mission only said that he left the bushes, but I ran the entire map and could not find any trace of the demon. It should be bug. If he went directly to the Dark Land, Harsin would die directly, and all the demons would also die. Since the dead demon will not appear in the Final Hotel, it also means that Karak will not be able to complete the second upgrade. I heard that it will die at the end and cannot appear in Act 3, but I have not tried it. I finally found a guide in Baha. If you are interested, you can refer to it: LV7 learned the sheep transformation + animal control skills. After turning Minsala into a sheep, control the teleportation to the Moonrise Tower, and then use push and stealth. A series of throwing and canceling methods brought Minsala to the trial hall, but nothing could trigger the plot. And Mingsala could no longer start a conversation since she fainted, and it was stuck… After trying for a few days, and just when I was about to give up after repeated attempts, I finally succeeded. The easiest way is to join the Minsala camp to attack the grove, but Harsin and the Earth Spirit’s missions, as well as the Demon Man’s missions, cannot be completed. The process can be to rescue Harsin and then accept the mission, but you must keep him in the room. If not, don’t save him first, it’s okay anyway. Kill the priestess and other miscellaneous soldiers first, but be careful not to let the minions beat the war drum to increase the number of troops. It will be troublesome for them all to become hostile, especially before there are level 6 spells. Knocking out Mingsala. When I looked at other strategies here before, I never knew why they could resurrect after knocking Mingsala out, but I disappeared directly after knocking him out every time. The reason is that when attacking Minsala, she is in a neutral or hostile state. If you are in a red hostile state at the beginning, even if you turn on non-lethal attacks, you will fall to the ground and disappear permanently after a long rest. But if the opponent is in a yellow neutral state, you can attack nearby people but not her. The effect is the same and she will have a short-term hatred. You can launch a non-lethal attack and regain consciousness after being knocked down for a long rest. 4. Kill the red goblin leader, because beating him can easily cause all the goblins to become hostile. This is where I made a mistake before, killing him too early. Later, when he attacked Mingsara, he directly turned into a red hostile state. Killing the red goblin will complete the mission of Harsin and the demon, and you can inform Harsin and hold the celebration of the demon. During the Majin Celebration Party, you can choose to spend it with a teammate, which will affect your future development with that teammate. Choose carefully, haha. At this time, it is only half the battle, and the most troublesome part has just begun. Minsala will have a bug after a long rest, because it cannot start a conversation and has no response at all. No matter what spells are cast, the dialogue cannot be triggered. Some netizens use the immobilization spell to make the NPC reply to the dialogue. They have also tried it here. No response, stuck. 5. After referring to Baha’s strategy, I walked to the Moonrise Tower in advance, then went back to transform Minsala into a sheep. After successfully controlling it, I teleported to the Moonrise Tower. Once restored, Minsala will run around and disappear. Netizens taught him how to push down to enter combat mode, and then become invisible. Minsala, who had lost her target, kept standing there. Then drink the “Hill Giant” potion, use “Improvised Melee Weapon” to point Minsala forward, and right-click to cancel midway, so that Minsala can be moved forward without launching an attack. Arrive at the Tower of Moonrise, Som’s Judgment Hall. For example, the netizen’s method first turns Mingsala into a sheep, and then controls him into a teammate to trigger the plot. After Mingsala is imprisoned, the rescue is successful. Source – Baja Guide: GATE 3 SCRIPT EXTENDER (BG3SE) Gate 3 Mod Manager (BG3MM) didn’t work, so I ignored it. Later, after failing to transform into a sheep and run to the Moonrise Tower, I remembered this method again, only to find that the merchant already had the ring. It took me several times to figure out how to use it. (But there is a small problem here. After I installed it, the game crashed twice when I went from act 1 to act 2. I proofread the settings in steam twice, and then it became normal. I don’t know if it is related.) 4. After buying the ring from the merchant, equip it, use “Minthara’s Words”, and reset the dialogue. As a result, I was able to have normal conversations, and then I was able to join the team. The ring can be used after a long rest after knocking out Minsala in ACT 1. There is no need to go through all the trouble of teleporting to the Moonrise Tower. If you want to see if it can trigger the plot, you might as well try it first. Try the above methods. Netizens warned not to take Mingsala to trigger the Moonlight Tower mission, but I didn’t try this. Finally reacted and could talk. After Minsala joined the team, he was in the same camp as Harsin, but they were standing in the wrong position. It should be that the game itself only allows you to choose one of the two, and the position is the same, so this situation occurred after the two joined the team. The above is the method of successfully testing Laminsala to join the team after the update, and it does not affect the missions of Harsin and Majin. I don’t know when this BUG will be fixed again?Two people in one camp, true friends
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