Urgent Appeal: Help Secure Funds for Cancer Patient’s X-Ray Session | Act Now to Save a Life

2023-07-24 07:50:00

After repeated humanitarian appeals to help a patient with cancer, via “An-Nahar”, which met with a positive response, today we are launching a new appeal to help secure a sum of money to cover the expenses of the patient’s x-ray session after the deterioration of his health.

The patient’s daughter, Diana, stated that due to the delay in receiving the required weekly radiotherapy, the father suffered from a health problem that led to his loss of consciousness yesterday, which necessitated his admission to the hospital.

Daughter Diana, through “An-Nahar”, appeals to philanthropists to secure only $400, out of $1,100, which the daughter had previously tried to secure, in order to perform radiotherapy as quickly as possible, given the spread of cancer in the lymph nodes.

For those who wish to help, contact the patient’s daughter, Diana, at: 76425387

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