Urgent decision from the Attorney General regarding the driver of the car causing an accident

10:38 PM

Saturday 24 September 2022

Books – Tarek Samir:

The Public Prosecutor ordered the detention of the accused who was responsible for his recklessness and for not following the regulations and laws in an accident on the Suez Road, and for presenting him to the Forensic Medicine Authority to ascertain the extent of his use of narcotics.

On Thursday, the twenty-second of this month, the Public Prosecution received a notification from the police stating that a person had been seized for driving his car in a way that endangered others, and had intercepted the path of passing cars, which resulted in damage to one of them, as well as the seizure of alcohol and drug substances, and a medical report stated that he was in possession of a drug. Issued by a government hospital, that by conducting an analysis of the accused immediately after his arrest, it was found that he had used drugs, and this was in conjunction with what was monitored by the Monitoring and Analysis Unit in the Al-Bayan Department of the Attorney General’s Office for several video clips related to the incident, so the Public Prosecution began investigations immediately.

The Public Prosecution listened to the statements of one of the drivers of the other cars, who testified that the accused deliberately blocked his way and collided with him, assaulted him by beating, and a quarrel broke out between them as a result.

The Public Prosecution heard the statements of the police secretary in charge of seizing the accused, who confirmed that the accused did not have driving and driving licenses, and that a narcotic and alcohol pill was found in his possession.

By interrogating the accused, he denied what was attributed to him, and admitted that he drove his car recklessly without giving a reason for that, and that what he had done on the public road was an attempt by him to prevent his arrest, and accordingly the Public Prosecution ordered the detention of the accused for four days pending investigations, and a sample was taken from him to confirm the extent of his use of substances narcotic;

The competent court also ordered to consider the accused’s order today to continue his imprisonment for fifteen days.

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