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A mother noticed that her daughter was solving some assignments left for her at the university and recommended that she put on classical music so that she can relax and concentrate. The young woman listened to her request, but she put a singular topic that left her perplexed. The video was uploaded to TikTok and it happened in Mexico.

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Her name is Odalis Vivas, a Venezuelan mother who currently resides in Mexicoa country located in North America and with a population of 129,150,971 inhabitants, according to an estimate made in 2022, and recorded his daughter in a unique way.

How? As stated above, her mother noticed that her daughter, Marianyelis Saez, was solving some of her university assignments and needed more concentration. For this reason, he recommended that she play classical music.

Odalis thought that her daughter was going to play a Mozart or Beethoven theme, but she did not say that it would be a song that would identify thousands of users and this was because many associated it with the remembered Looney Tunes series.

As of Tuesday, May 31, the clip has more than 2.9 million views and 156 thousand likes. “It reminds me of Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry,” commented a user before the peculiar fact. They also associated him with the music made by “Somos cuatro”, a well-known norteño group in Mexico.

What is classical music and its characteristics?

Classical music contrasts with the previous period by less heavy compositions due to the fact of having only one main melody that was guiding all the instruments. This means that the same rhythm is preserved in a succession of chords with a vertical structure called homophony, according to

What are the most famous classical music songs?

  • “Claro de Luna” – Piano Sonata No. 14 – Beethoven.
  • “The Messiah” – Handel.
  • “Little Nocturnal Serenade” – Mozart.
  • “To Elisa” – Beethoven.
  • “Obertura 1812″ – Tchaikovsky.
  • “The Toreadors” – Bizet.
  • “Symphony No. 5″ – Beethoven.

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What are the different types of classical music?

In musical classicism, three types of musical compositions are also created:

  • The sonata: music written for various instruments.
  • The symphony: music to be performed by an orchestra.
  • The concert: composition for orchestra performed by various instruments.

According to portal information Kaunus.

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