Waremme Sale: Discover the Perfectly Delimited Environment for Bargain Hunting and Relaxation

2023-06-26 04:00:00

People on the Waremme sale? It all depended on the momentum. Too hot afternoons prompted onlookers to walk the streets of the center later. “We actually had to wait until 6 p.m. to find people, agrees the president of the Union of traders, Michel Hardenne. But we are satisfied, particularly with the perfect organization of our sale, with this absolute contribution from the authorities of the City.” It is true that it was pleasant to hunt around, to relax, to walk hand in hand among the stalls and, goal of the game, to make the good bargain, in a perfectly delimited environment. It was just as appropriate to have a drink with merchants anxious to offer a cup to their various customers. “That has no price, we are told, this clearance sale has always allowed us to take care of our public relations. And on this level, Waremme remains faithful to its reputation.” Drawing up an initial assessment means being able to identify the positive elements, but also the negative side. On this last plan, it is indeed the new system of school holidays which is a stain. “Many students are still in exams, reflect President Hardenne and his deputy, Laurent Godart. The youngest were not part of the game as in previous years. But we also say to ourselves that if we are in some way victims of the reform of the school calendar. The two animators are already thinking about next year: the last weekend of June, i.e. June 28, 29 and 30, will offer a weekend more in line with the dates of beach volleyball and the synergy with the big bac at place Joseph Wauters will once again be in the news. And then, the shopkeeper’s little rosé, watch in hand, that’s priceless, like that of having been able to greet Lucky Claes, victim of a serious illness, and who continues with incredible courage to support everyone Waremian trade. A symbol, quite simply!

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